How to Ensure the Best Performance of Your Heating System

Keeping your heating system running smoothly is crucial for a comfortable home during the chilly winters in New Orleans, LA. Here are some tips to help you maintain and optimize your heating system.

Don’t Close the Supply Vents

Some people assume that closing the vents in their home’s unoccupied room saves energy. Unfortunately, this is only a myth, and the practice isn’t good for your heating system.

First, the closed supply vents cause the heated air to build up and increase the pressure in the ducts. This increased pressure can damage the ductwork.

The heated air can also accumulate in your furnace, causing it to overheat. Open any closed supply vents in your home and ensure there’s no furniture blocking them.

Schedule Heating Maintenance

You shouldn’t give your furnace attention only when it breaks down. Like any machine, furnaces need regular repairs and maintenance to continue working efficiently.

If you don’t have your furnace serviced often, dirt and debris will build up on its components, making it difficult for the parts to do their work. As a result, they overheat.

Lack of furnace maintenance also results in friction between the moving parts, as the lubrication that allows these components to work smoothly runs out with time. Schedule regular heating maintenance services to ensure your furnace is always clean and has sufficient lubrication.

Replace an Old Furnace

If your furnace has been around for more than 15 years, it may take longer to warm your home. This is because its components have undergone significant wear and tear over the years. Consult an HVAC professional to determine whether upgrading your old and overheating furnace to a new and energy-efficient heat pump installation is the best way forward.

Call Comfort Tech A/C & Heating immediately for professional heating services. Our team can repair your heating system with the most cost-effective, long-lasting solution.

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