5 Signs Your Furnace in Metairie, LA, Needs Repairs

The last thing you want in the middle of the winter is for your furnace in Metairie, LA, to fail. Pay attention to these five signs that may indicate your furnace needs repairs before it fails:

Climbing Heating Costs

Watch how much heating fuel and electricity you’re consuming to heat your home so that you can catch unusual jumps. If you see jumps that are more significant than the temperature changes outside, it could signal something wrong in your furnace. When components stop working correctly, heating cycles lengthen and you use more energy.

Excessive Dust Near Your Vents

Keep an eye on the amount of dust around your home, especially around your supply vents. Excess dust may indicate simple problems like an air filter that needs replacing. However, it can also indicate problems like a maladjusted burner or leaks in your ductwork.

Yellow Flame

Do you have a gas furnace? With a properly adjusted burner, you should have a blue flame, which indicates an efficient burn. However, if you see a yellow flame, this indicates that the fuel isn’t burning at the right temperature. The cause could be anything from a dirty or maladjusted burner to a poor fuel-to-air mixture.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Every home with a furnace should have a working carbon monoxide detector. If your detector goes off, it likely is a warning of a cracked heat exchanger. Fortunately, this is something HVAC service techs commonly check during routine maintenance.

Uneven Heating

When heat from your furnace doesn’t circulate evenly throughout your home, it can indicate any number of problems. Among these can be simple solutions like a dirty air filter. However, it may also indicate more substantial problems like a faulty circulating fan or leaks in your ductwork.

Don’t let your home get cold this winter as you hope that your furnace will hobble through. Call to schedule your furnace repairs with one of the NATE-certified service techs at Comfort Tech A/C & Heating.

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